We have reached the goal: we will buy a new trumpet for Abriel with your help! Thank you all for supporting so kindly!

What happened?

The trumpet of our talented and beloved trumpet player Abriel Ferreira (student at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, due for her final exam in May) was stolen. As a musician, this is probably the worst thing that can happen to you.

That’s why the Amsterdam Funk Orchestra set up a crowdfunding campaign through our own Stichting Amsterdam Funk Orchestra.

All donations:

€3.454,00!!! (goal: €3.000) before April 15th.

Stichting Amsterdam Funk Orchestra€500
Coen Hamelink€20
Robert Bakker€50
Corné Los€50
Mw. Dijkstra-Zandbergen€5
Bart Dijkstra€5
M.M. Spitzer€10
J. Swagerman€10
Stichting Jazz aan de Waterweg€20
Milan Kracht€10
M.M.E. van Esch€10
H.B. Mendes€10
S. Koek€2,50
Wolter van der Vlist€25
Christi Klinkert€25
T.N.M. Hoogland€10
J.J. Klinkert€25
M. Sijtsema€5
F.M. Van der Veer€10
O.M.T. Beumer€3
E.P.C.M. Van de Vondervoort€10
V.P. Ferreira€150
A.E.C. Moerbeek€20
E.H.J. Pet€25
R.K. Karman€25
Anna Offermans€20
S. Kwadijk€5
A. van Dellen€5
T. Plug€10
Sybren van Doesum€10
M.J. Spruijt€4
A.J. Vlaming€5
Ruben de Ruiter€25
R. Campos Kosters€20
Efraïm Trujillo€200
M.L. Maller€100
J. in den Bosch€5
T. Visser€10
M.J. Veldhuis€10
L. Roorda€25
N.J. Tausk€20
Chris Mayer€25
E.J.A. Gemerts€20
L.J.C. de Groot€10
Jennie Pater€10
Jacintha van Hesslingen€50
H. Hulskemper€5
R. Wiggers€50
I.A.H Trommelen-Boere€15
G.H.M. Buters€10
Best Administraties€25
T.W.E. van Ruitenbeek€10
Luna Rolie€1
J.J. Dikken€10
A.J.L. Kok€10
V. Ferreira€300
B. Verhoeff€20
I. Bies€10
Tiander Turpijn€25
P.J.P. Roetenberg€5
J.P. Ouwerkerk€5
Jake McKay€10
Carl Mierop€50
D.J.A.W. Vermeulen€10
Ally Pickering€20
R. Stam€15
F.F.J. Sperzel€20
Liesbeth Hamelink€25
Arjan van Zuuk€75,50
A.J. Dekker€25
S. Pel€10
J.T. Smit€20
I. Brodsky€30
M.J. Lavalle€2,50
M.L. de Wit€15
D. Nauta€20
Rogier Staal€50
Kirsi Harju€10
J.E.F. Burgos€10
B. Stuijvenberg€20
S.B. van der Pol€20
N.J. Mensink-vd Heide€20
Frank Xavier Mauceri & Madeleine Elizabeth Msall€100
Ineke Jolink€100

What happens after you donated?

  • A replacement instrument of Van Laar will be bought, ideally the same or at equal of quality
  • We will keep you posted of the progress by e-mail and our social media channels
  • If you indicated you want his, we will publish your name and amount on the website.
  • If we raise more then €3.000, we will spend that money on a hardcase (€250).
  • If we raise even more than that, we will close the campaign. Enough is enough.
  • If the old instrument is retrieved before a new instrument is bought, you will get a full refund of your donation.
  • If the old instrument is retrieved within 6 months after we bought the instrument (and is still in good condition), we will sell the newly bought instrument and refund your donation as a percentage of the selling price according to your percentage of the donation.

Stichting Amsterdam Funk Orchestra details

Stichting Amsterdam Funk Orchestra
Berend Boeijingastraat 9, 1025ML Amsterdam
IBAN: NL05 INGB 0006 6697 47
KvK nummer: 61690147

Matthijs Klinkert, voorzitter
06 51 03 14 86

This is what Abriel posted on Facebook after it happened:

STOLEN TRUMPET (Amsterdam Oost) ( Gestolen trompet / trompette perdue volée / gestohlene Trompete )

Hub Van Laar Model B9.2, Silver serial number 3946
Mouthpieces: Bob Reeves 43es and Vincent Bach 5c
Shhh mute
Black with white speckles Tortajada case

Please share widely. This is worth thousands of euros, but is priceless emotionally. I’m a professional musician and music teacher and my entire livelihood depends on this. I have my final exam at Conservatory in 2 months, and it would mean everything in the world to me to have this trumpet back before then. A little over a year ago my house was broken in to and instruments were stolen and I’m only just recovering from that. Luckily my best trumpet (this one) was on my person at the time of break in, but now I don’t know what I’m going to do.

This event was entirely my own fault. While bringing in groceries there was a hole in one of the bags and things were falling out, so instead of parking my bike where I normally do in the rack I parked it right outside my door and took in the bag but not my trumpet. By the time I realised, someone had taken it off of my bike. This was caught on cameras from the local coffee shop, but frustratingly neither they nor the police will look at the images to help me, because the window of time is too long and they say they don’t have time/no priority. I’m still fighting this with the police. 
Additionally the serial nummer is too short to show up in their database, meaning 2nd hand stores won’t find this in the system, so sharing this by word of mouth is literally my only hope!